A Day with our Recruitment Coordinators

A Day with our Recruitment Coordinators

We are Anna and Amie - Recruitment Coordinators in the GetYourGuide Talent Team. For the past year we have been the primary contact for all candidates applying to GetYourGuide. We’re here for you everyday to answer any questions you may have, schedule interviews or provide interview feedback. Besides this, a typical day includes maintaining the candidate database, supporting our recruiters and hiring managers and of course improving our hiring processes!

Our work comprises a mix of routine tasks and the unexpected. Have you ever tried arranging a meeting between five busy interviewers and a candidate who only has a couple of hours availability around lunchtime? Oh, and not to mention all the meeting rooms being booked! Have you ever tried to reshuffle your whole team’s meeting schedule to secure the best room for an interview?

Well, that’s all part of our job and we enjoy it! And if at the end of the day when everything is sorted out for tomorrow, inbox is empty, all interviews happened on time and nobody got disconnected or stuck in a traffic jam, we know it’s been a good one! :)

We love this process. Communicating with people on a daily basis gives you interesting insights, funny moments, inspiring stories and endless opportunities to learn. We are also trying to collect as much feedback as possible in order to continually improve our communication with candidates and the overall candidate experience.

But how can we help you?

We got the idea to come up with a few tips and tricks that will facilitate the communication during your hiring process. Here they are!

“Put your positive pants on.”

Always start with a positive tone. Your first impression already starts with the first email you send. Before sending your message, check if you’re addressing the correct person, if you have included “thank you” and “please” etc and sent it in a timely manner. Make sure you write an email you would gladly receive yourself.  

“Keep calm and read on.”

Complicated hiring processes can sometimes require follow up actions. This is why it’s always important to read carefully and follow the “guidelines” found in invitation emails. You also want to send your availability on time, confirm interviews and answer any open questions - all these little details make the communication easier and faster.

“Don’t believe in luck. Believe in preparation.”

Lots of careers coaching guides suggest asking questions beforehand to build rapport, though we would encourage you to check the job description or any other relevant information first. You certainly don’t want to leave the impression that you were not prepared. Questions about our interview process and current requirements can mostly be answered by referring to the careers page or job description.

“Before you write: Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?”

When writing an email don’t let emotions have a negative influence. If you receive some negative feedback you simply don’t understand or agree with, then ask for some clarification. We are happy to send you additional information. At the end of the day, our mission is to provide you with a great candidate experience!

We hope this information was helpful for you. Thank you for reading!

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