Position Spotlight - Senior Product Manager.

Position Spotlight - Senior Product Manager.

Peter Morczinek, Senior Product Manager in Product & Design, tells all about our Supply Tech team’s mission, current developments and how the team celebrate success!

Can you give us a short summary of what the Supply Tech team works on?

The mission of the team is to “get products on the shelf so customers can book what, when and how they want.” This means we are working closely alongside our internal sales and operations teams as well as with GetYourGuide’s external suppliers. We develop tools that make sure we have the right products available in our marketplace, at the right time. These tools range from APIs to mobile apps and our self-service portal for suppliers.

What is the vision of the Supply Tech team?

The modern traveller expects to be able to book in destination, for the same day, on his mobile phone. We want to make sure this experience is as frictionless and consistent as possible for attractions and tours all over the world. Today, this means we are developing tools for live availability, instant ticket delivery and automated cancellation.

Is there an issue or challenge you are currently trying to solve?

GetYourGuide is offering a wide range of activities for travellers around the world. We want to make sure that our customers can enjoy these activities without having to deal with complexities like printing tickets, exchanging vouchers or cancellation policies. Building systems that can work with a wide range of products and are scalable at the same time is a constant challenge for the team. Additionally we need to monitor existing connections to make sure our customers are not affected by potential 3rd party issues. This needs constant innovation in both technology and processes.

What does an average day look like?

We always start the day with a stand-up. We discuss the things that are blocking us from moving faster and align on the next steps. Then we work on the planned features or jump in on a pressing matter. Making sure that customers can enjoy their travel always takes precedence before releasing new features. Since we work in a cross-functional team with engineers, operations specialists and product managers, individually our days can look very different. We make sure to synchronize via planned meetings or ad-hoc to keep aligned in our efforts.

Why, in your opinion, is this mission interesting for potential candidates?

The travel activity industry still has the bulk of technical innovation before it. This creates unique challenges as well as great opportunities for anyone who is interested in e-commerce, travel and technology. We work with a range of tools to fulfill our mission and we are always open for new ways to innovate. We are working in an international environment and with world known attractions. As a member of the mission, you can have a real impact on the business and learn about an exciting industry.

Why should ambitious people work for GetYourGuide’s Supply Tech team?

We are changing the way travellers experience attractions. You can leave a mark on this industry if you work with us.

Is there any advice you would have for someone who would like to join your team?

Working in a fast paced, complex environment means communication is key. Always be open to change your mind while fighting for your beliefs.

What is your favourite thing about working with your team?

My favorite thing is the passion with which this team tackles new challenges and opportunities. Everyone wants to get the best experience for our customers. We value each other's contribution and celebrate our successes (for example by making a team trip to Barcelona!).

Thanks again to Peter Morczinek for speaking to us about his dynamic role within the Supply Tech team. If you are interested in joining Peter’s team, or any team here at GetYourGuide, we’re hiring!


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