Recruitment Step by Step - What You Can Expect

Recruitment Step by Step - What You Can Expect

We’re getting bigger! To help guide our growth, we’ve got some tried and tested steps to recruiting the very best. Take a look below for a map of what to expect on your recruitment journey with us. Click on the links for more details. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for other posts, like advice for candidates and features from our VP People, Eva Glanzer.

Behind the scenes:

When preparing to fill a position, it is really important for us to have a clear idea of what profile we need. It helps us find the right person and it helps you get a clear idea about what will be expected, so you can decide whether you are interested in the position. It’s best for everybody if we hire people who know what they’re in for and are excited about it.

Some key documents we use are competency profiles, which set out the main areas of responsibilities and particular skills and attitudes needed for the job, and scorecards, which are based on the competency profile and are used to assess applicants and future performance.

The process in summary:

Application review:

Thanks for submitting your application! Our recruitment team or hiring manager will look at your CV and read your motivation letter (more on these soon). We’ll get back to you about the outcome of your application within five days.

Phone interview:

If we like what we’ve read, then we want to know more, and we’ll get in touch to schedule a phone interview. This is normally conducted by our recruitment team and takes about half an hour. We’ll ask about your experience and expectations, tell you about the job and team and happily answer any of your questions. More here.

Take home test:

You may be asked to undertake a short take home test, which one of our people team will explain and send to you after the phone interview. This is designed by our hiring area and reflects some common tasks you can expect in the role. While we test how you handle it, it’s also a great way for you to see what the job actually involves!


If the phone interview and test went well, we’ll invite you in for a face-to-face meeting. We have a few different types of face-to-face interviews, which may be done all on one day, or over a few different days. You will likely have a comprehensive hiring manager interview, a dedicated culture fit interview and a technical fit test. Our recruitment team will let you know details in your individual case.

Co-founder interview:

For most of our positions, our CEO Johannes Reck or our COO Tao Tao will conduct a final interview on the phone. This is an overall assessment and gives you a chance to meet one of our Co-founders! We love that they are so involved in the process, and think it reflects a lot about how much GetYourGuide values its people.


That’s it! We loved meeting you and enjoyed all of our discussions. Everyone, including our Co-founders, wants to have you on board. We’ll get in touch with you to finalize the offer and we are very excited to have you join us!

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