Relocation Guide: Moving Abroad for Work.

Relocation Guide: Moving Abroad for Work.

Relocation Guide: Moving Abroad for Work

Finding and starting a new job is a thrilling, albeit stressful, process.  Expanding the job search abroad adds an extra layer of excitement and complexity to the process. Relocation can be especially tricky when visas are added to the mix. In order to get a better idea of what it’s really like to relocate from overseas, we sat down with our Android Engineer, Guilherme Holz, and got the low-down on moving abroad for work.  

What a nice picture of your family in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate!  Where were you all living before you arrived in Berlin?

I relocated from Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul Brazil with my wife and my son.

What made you and your family decide to move abroad?

My wife and I had talked about moving for a long time.  Then our son turned four and we realized that the window to do that was closing, and it would become harder to move once he started school life. So, here we are.

No time like the present! So, what exactly sparked your interest in GetYourGuide?

Once we decided to move I started looking for companies with a nice and fast-paced environment; GetYourGuide fit the profile perfectly.

And how long did you plan the move before you actually boarded the plane?

It took about two months to arrange with all the visa processes and to leave my previous company.  Once we had the visa in our hands, it was just a matter of saying goodbye to everyone.

That sounds like a pretty quick turnaround. What were your biggest concerns when it came to relocating?

Family in general, not just the ones that came with me but also the family that stayed in Brazil.

What sort of Visa did you get? What about your wife and son?

I got a Temporary Worker Visa for now and my family came with the Schengen (Tourist and Visitor) Visa, which lasts for 3 months. We are currently waiting for an appointment to apply for the Blue Card and a Family Reunification Visa.

After that long flight from Brazil your family must have been exhausted! Once you arrived, what was the first thing you did?

I slept for 8 hours and bought something at REWE for dinner.  

How did you decide what neighborhood to live in?

We talked with other Brazilians that relocated before us and chose a few neighborhoods in which to look.  From there it was more about availability. We are living in Friedrichshain and we're liking it.

Friedrichshain is a great neighborhood, and the East Side Gallery is one of the most compelling sights to see in the city.  Now, you mentioned that your son is 4, which is a good age for him to be enrolled in a Kita.  Kita is a “Kindertagesstätte” and can be compared to a preschool or kindergarten. When will your son start KITA?

We actually have to wait for the Family Reunification Visa to enroll him.  Once we have the visa, we will enroll him as soon as possible.  

How did the HR team help you with your relocation?

The HR team at GetYourGuide provided information about first steps in Germany, and they helped with our request for the Family Reunification Visa and the Blue Card by providing us with different documents. They also helped us with our Anmeldung, which definitely helped ease the relocation process.  Now we are waiting for the visa process to end, but once it does we will be much more relaxed.    

Now that you’ve been settled in Berlin for a few months, what do you think is the biggest difference between your hometown and Berlin?

The silence.  Compared to the city I come from in Brazil, Berlin is a very quiet city.

Berlin is a fascinating city that attracts people from all over the world, but adjusting to a new city is always a bit challenging. What has been the biggest adjustment for you?

Communication has been a challenge sometimes, but we plan to learn German as fast as possible.

Maybe you should check out the German classes we offer at our office! So finally, what do you like the most about living in Berlin?

Safety, being able to walk freely in the streets without worrying if someone is going to attack you is something I haven't felt in a long time.

Thank you Guilherme for sharing about your family and providing insight into the relocation process!

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