A GetYourGuide First - Summer Summit Success!

A GetYourGuide First - Summer Summit Success!

In July, we held our first ever GetYourGuide Summer Summit in Berlin. And it was totally amazing!

But what’s a Summer Summit? Well...our inaugural two-day extravaganza was an info-packed, inspirational-fuelled gathering that brought together our 200 plus employees from 10 international offices. It was an opportunity to exchange ideas, share learnings and ignite a wave of exciting future projects.

The more than 20 presentations, workshops and training on offer showcased the work of all our teams. And it was nothing short of impressive.

Sessions covered broad-based topics like perfecting different communication styles with the Sales team, delving into data science with Marketing and even understanding the power of creating a user-centric experience with our Product team.  And so much more!  

So why was it so amazing?

Many reasons. It’s not everyday that you get first-hand insight into what different teams are doing right across the organization. And as we’re growing, the people we work with can be in totally different offices, cities or even continents - hello London, Las Vegas and Bangkok (to name only a few). So bringing people together is magical, highly motivating and unifying.

Although each session’s focus was different, our customer was at the heart of every single one. Regardless of the team or area of work, all of us put our customers at the center of everything we do. And that’s refreshing.

Reflecting on the day, I remember lots of learning, creativity and encouragement. Our first summit was a huge success for a variety of reasons. But when I talked to my colleagues, there was also consensus about what it offered. Overall, our first Summit allowed us to:

1. Connect and collaborate with colleagues (near and far) face-to-face

Bringing people together — Sales Managers from Sydney, London, Paris and Berlin collaborating

2. Understand and be inspired by the dynamic work happening in every team

Tech Lead Kevin explaining the life cycle of  an experiment at his talk “Conversion Laboratory: Create an Experiment for getyourguide.com”

3. Explore and even contribute to areas of work outside our own

Product Manager Peter experiencing the challenges of working remote at the workshop “Being in a local office : experience it yourself!” held by our UK and France Country Managers

4. Share experiences, challenges - and solutions we’re now taking forward

“Our Differences Makes Us Stronger: How to leverage cultural diversity” had employees from different departments, disciplines and cultures collaborate to build a bridge.

5. Reinforce our sense of belonging to an influential force in the travel market

Understanding our customers is key — Sales Mangers slipping into the roles of our customers at the “Power of UX" workshop with Designer Marlene

It’s not every day that you get to grill the CEO and Exec Team, but the Summer Summit also allowed us to ask and get honest answers about areas of interest like our culture, strategy and plans for growth.

CEO Johannes Reck talking about the past, the present and the future of GetYourGuide.

Like the name suggests, our first Summit took us to the next level. It provided a top view of where we’ve come from, what we’ve learned and all we’ve achieved. And of course where we’re going - together.

What a truly exciting time to be a part of a truly exciting company. As they say...onward!

Celebrating in Sunshine at the GetYourGuide Summer Party

Celebrating in Sunshine at the GetYourGuide Summer Party

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