Spotlight on IT - Meet Danny

Spotlight on IT - Meet Danny

Today we give you a peek into the life of the GetYourGuide IT Team. We had a chat with Danny to learn more about the department, working at GetYourGuide and what motivated him to move to Berlin!

Hi Danny, would you like to quickly introduce yourself?

Sure! I’m originally from Montreal, Canada. I have been living in Berlin and working at GetYourGuide since late 2015.

Why Berlin and not another European city?

To me, the strong allure of Berlin is all about its “live and let live” attitude, its creative and cultural pulse, and its exciting and sometimes chaotic vibe.

How did you decide to become an IT Technician?

IT, or technology in general, is something that I gravitated towards very early on. I was always tinkering and fiddling with computers and so it just seemed natural for me to pursue this career path. I find the quick pace at which technology develops fascinating and want to be a part of it!

Can you explain in non-technical words what the IT team does at GetYourGuide?

We are a team of 3, one IT Manager and two IT Technicians, and we deal with all aspects of the company’s IT infrastructure. We make sure that technological tools are available and functioning so that the entire GetYourGuide team (throughout all our offices in the world today!) can get on with their daily tasks.

What does your typical day look like?

I’d say a typical day is usually divided into two roles. One is a more reactionary role, tackling technical issues as they arise, while the other deals with the bigger picture planning of how we want to shape and improve the company’s infrastructure moving forward.

What do you like the most about your job?

There is an addictive satisfaction that comes with solving the sometimes puzzle-like challenges we face!

IT Management means lots of interaction with everyone in the company. How important are communication skills for this job?

Communication skills are essential in our daily work. We interact with people on a constant basis and so we need to be able to accurately explain concepts, but perhaps more importantly, we need to be very good at listening in order to provide efficient support.

What’s the most unique thing about working at GetYourGuide in your opinion?

For me, it’s the feeling of being part of an initiative that is on it’s way to becoming a world dominating superpower! (...or at least becoming the go-to brand for activity bookings ;) )

What’s your favorite GetYourGuide core value? Do you have a story about it?

I’d have to say commitment. Being a rather small team, we each take personal responsibility in ensuring that the company’s IT infrastructure runs as smoothly as possible. At the same time, we also work and collaborate as a team to improve and further enhance the tools and processes used by the entire company.

Interested in joining our team? Check out our open positions.

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