Position Spotlight - Team Lead Accounting, Finance.

Position Spotlight - Team Lead Accounting, Finance.

Xenia Tovchykh, Accounting Team Lead in our Finance department spoke to us about how her role has changed, new workflows within the team and why Finance at GetYourGuide is exciting! 

Xenia Tovchykh, Teamlead Accounting in Finance.

Xenia Tovchykh, Teamlead Accounting in Finance.

Can you give us a brief summary of what your job entails?

As Team Lead Accounting DACH, I help a team of seven accountants to grow professionally and achieve great results every day. My tasks involve personnel management as well as acting as an expert in complex accounting or operational topics. I am month/year end close process owner and the main contact for audit requests for my region.

How has your role changed since joining GetYourGuide?

I first joined GetYourGuide as a senior accountant and it was love at first sight! Browsing through the website and the InsideGetYourGuide blog during my application process got me curious about the company. However, it was during the interviewing process that truly inspired me to get on board.

My intuition was certainly right! My time with GetYourGuide’s Finance department has been one of my most fulfilling professional experiences to date. Furthermore, after just six months with the company, I was promoted to Team Lead.

In this role, I learn every day. For example, having played one of the key roles in new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System implementation, I needed to deep dive into the technical setup of the processes. This task was totally new for me, but thanks to this challenge, I gained a profound understanding of the system and now I am much more equipped to support my colleagues, as well as onboard new team members.

What is the Finance team currently working on?

I am proud to say that Finance at GetYourGuide is taken seriously. A little under a year ago we implemented a new Financial Accounting system which is also used by companies like IKEA and EasyJet. And, in October of this year, we deployed an automated invoice approval workflow.

We have a lot of new projects coming up, starting with the go-live of the ERP further modules, such as reporting, in 2018. Our department works hand in hand with the Engineering department in developing even further automatization of daily transactions. There is a lot going on due to GetYourGuide’s dramatic growth.

Finance is also actively involved in cross-departmental compliance projects. Moreover, new GetYourGuide Group companies are popping up around the world which means we are ready to support internationally, as we serve the whole GetYourGuide Group from our Berlin HQ.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

I would say coping with a variety of tasks of a different nature at the same time. My role requires me to act as an accounting expert as well as a disciplinary lead. Without a doubt, this aspect of my job firmly pushes me forward in professional and personal development. I think the ongoing growth of the company challenges everyone in regards to agility and encourages them to question their own work on a daily basis.

What is your favorite thing about working with GetYourGuide?

Working at GetYourGuide is like working with friends who all come from different cultural backgrounds.

Our Recruiting and HR teams possess a magical gift of selecting smart, motivated and simply put, great people. GetYourGuiders are genuinely driven towards a common goal of turning trips into amazing experiences.  

And lastly, company events are a great perk serving as an opportunity to establish closer working relationships with peers from local and international offices as well a being a lot of fun for the team.

Why is GetYourGuide’s Finance Team interesting for potential candidates?

The Finance team at GetYourGuide is a great example of a motivated steadily growing team, where peer support and effort recognition are part of the culture. We offer a valuable work/life balance with flexible working hours and home office possibilities. For me, as a mother of a two-year-old toddler, this is very important. The human touch in management is widely present: I feel that my supervisor cares about me as an individual and I behave exactly the same with my own team.

We constantly review and improve existing processes with the aim of working smarter every day. GetYourGuide’s Finance team is definitely a place for an enthusiastic professional who wants to work on exciting projects and gets a kick out of achievements.

Would you like to join our Finance team? Check out all opportunities here!

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