Relocation Guide: Barcelona to Berlin.

Relocation Guide: Barcelona to Berlin.

Senior Product Designer Manuel Pola tells us of his experience with relocating to Berlin to work with GetYourGuide.

Manuel Pola, Senior Product Designer at GetYourGuide.

Manuel Pola, Senior Product Designer at GetYourGuide.

Can you give us a brief summary of what your job entails?

I’m a Senior Product Designer in the Design Team. We are in charge of ensuring we have the best quality products and our goal is to make sure that our users can easily find what they need. We do this by understanding the needs of our users and making our products easy to use, delightful, and efficient.  We are data driven and take a mobile-first approach as these devices are becoming more and more essential in human life.

What does an average day look like for you?

Day to day I have a lot of team meetings, which is very common in the digital environment. I tackle the projects of my mission team, looking at all the available data which helps me decide what way to approach each project.

Every day, I try to further understand the company goals in order to achieve the best results and solutions for both the user and the company. Another part of my daily work includes working with (and learning from) other departments in the company, there is always an opportunity to learn!

Where did you live before arriving in Berlin?

I’m from an amazing region in the north-west of Spain, Asturias. I had been living in Barcelona for almost nine years, working with one of the biggest UX teams in Europe, eDreams Odigeo. I’m lucky as I was really happy in Barcelona and was very proud to be part of a great company. However, during my last three years there I started to miss the rain (as the city I was born in rains for most of the year). So, with no ties, I became more open to opportunities abroad.

What attracted you to GetYourGuide?

As I was open to new opportunities at this stage, GetYourGuide came knocking on my door and I started the interviewing process.

I had the chance to use the GetYourGuide product during two trips I had taken and was impressed by the quality of the product and the service provided. I think the most precious trips I have used GetYourGuide for have been the Skip the line Vatican and Colosseum Special Access.

Did you have any concerns about relocating to Berlin?

Yes, I had been worried about my decision to leave Barcelona as, along with many other things, I had a great job and an apartment in a super location. Naturally, by taking the decision to move, everything would have changed.

However, after going through the interviewing process, I became less worried as I felt there were great opportunities for me in Berlin. Aside from being a UX designer, I really love art and electronic music, so lots of friends told me that I’d love Berlin! After having my first few interviews remotely, GetYourGuide suggested that I come to Berlin for my final round of interviews, which made it all more real.

How did GetYourGuide help you with relocating?

I came to Berlin for my final round of interviews and felt a great atmosphere across the whole company. I loved the nice atmosphere of the city too. One day after returning to Barcelona, GetYourGuide offered me the job. It was an excellent offer and covered all of my expectations. I accepted the offer as I really wanted to work with GetYourGuide in Berlin.

GetYourGuide helped massively with the relocation process. I had an entire fully furnished apartment in Barcelona so it made a lot of sense to relocate it all to Berlin. I arrived here with just a suitcase of clothes! GetYourGuide organized a really cool apartment close to the company for me to stay for a month, which was great. They really took care of me and followed up with me regularly to make sure everything was going well.

How was the whole relocation process for you, overall?

I can honestly say that everything was covered by GetYourGuide. I really felt that the people in this company cared about me throughout the whole process. Without any doubt, I strongly recommend joining this company.  I’ve recently moved into a new apartment which I’m so happy about. I feel like I took the right decision because I’m really enjoying working at GetYourGuide. It’s a great challenge, everyone respects each other and works with such positivity, clarity, and the vision of growth. I have no doubt that choosing GetYourGuide was the best path for my future

What is your favorite thing about working at GetYourGuide?

My favorite thing about working with GetYourGuide is the clarity of the Core Values. Everyone here really believes in the Core Values, and they place a lot of trust in their workers. If you are the kind of person who identifies with our values, then you are a strong candidate to join. After two months here, the atmosphere is even better than expected and the environment, people, and product are all great.

What do you like most about living in Berlin?

The city has a very cool atmosphere, there is art everywhere and the cost of living here is affordable. Although I was warned about how bad the weather in winter is, I actually like it because it rains almost every day. Some even say that Berlin is the capital of Europe, I’m really loving living here!

Anything else?

One thing I would like to add is that, if you are lucky enough to start the recruitment process at GetYourGuide, those good feelings and atmosphere you experience at the beginning and throughout, really remain after you join the company! I’d like to give special thanks to Marlene, Product Design Lead and Lily, Tech Recruiter who helped and believed in me since day one.

Check out Manuel's paintings, previous interviews, and music too!

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