Our Top Customer - 2016.

Our Top Customer - 2016.

With over 80 bookings with GetYourGuide last year, we spoke to Marius Mazgalici, our top customer of 2016, about his life long love of travel and how GetYourGuide has improved these travels.  

Marius Mazgalici enjoying the sun in Mallorca!

Marius Mazgalici enjoying the sun in Mallorca!

When did you fall in love with travel?

I’ve always been curious since I was a little kid to see what is outside of my comfort zone. First, I was "traveling" around my neighborhood to explore it. My parents didn't like it then, and they still get worried now when we leave our home country of Romania.

Where are your top destinations you have visited and why?

Every country has skyscrapers, malls with the same brands, and crowded places, so they are almost all the same for us. We are always looking for unique places, so we like the natural wonders from Iceland, New Zealand, Azore, Hawaii, and Las Palmas. Though, come to think of it, I can see that all these places have one thing in common: Volcanos.

What was the one travel destination that really blew you away? Why?

In Miami, we got to  swim with the dolphins. Our future kids will be so jealous of us!

What is one thing you can’t travel without?

My laptop, because I'm always working while I'm traveling. I'm that strange guy in the airport who is always sitting next to the plug or gets in the plane at the very last minute. My wife also works too when she’s with me. She keeps a diary of all of our trips so we can look back on our memories when we are older.

Do you have a motto when it comes to travel?

We don't. But I think it should be something like "become a local, do what they do." We don't go on vacation to eat and do what we can do at home.  It makes me sad when I see people ordering French fries and Coca-Cola no matter where they are.

How did you find out about GetYourGuide?

I googled it. We always searched for things to do in a certain location, and we usually found websites that only did tours for that particular location. On GetYourGuide, you have tours almost everywhere, so we don't need to worry about making reservations on a hundred local sites.

What has been your best customer service experience with GetYourGuide?

I try as much as I can to not use the customer support because the descriptions and instructions are clearly written on the website. But sometimes it doesn't depend on GetYourGuide or on us. For instance, one time, no one  came to pick us up for a tour we had booked. However in just a few hours the GetYourGuide support replied and refunded us. I'm sure they took care to ensure it wouldn’t happen again for other customers.

What is the best tour or activity you have booked with GetYourGuide?

It would have to be either the Las Vegas helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon or the balloon ride in Dubai. (Our parents don’t have to know about this!) We probably went outside their comfort zone with these trips!

What GetYourGuide tour or activity would you recommend for a first-time user of GetYourGuide?

Taxi transfers from the airport. It is always difficult when you land somewhere where you’ve never been before. You could be worried about how to reach your hotel and it always takes a lot of time. When you are on vacation you don't want to waste even one second!

Where are you most looking forward to visiting this year?

This year, my wife and I, we might not travel as much as last year because we will have a baby soon. Nevertheless we will try to visit some countries in Africa, Alaska, and the remaining European islands.

Thanks again to Marius Mazgalici and his wife for answering our questions and sharing a great photograph from one of the many amazing destinations they have visited. What an incredible insight into the life of a world traveller! If you are interested in participating in any of the mentioned activities please visit our website here. And don’t forget to apply to join our Customer Service team and have the chance to support our world traveling customers like Marius.

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Meet The Team - Sales.

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