Position Spotlight - Director of Engineering.

Position Spotlight - Director of Engineering.

We spoke with Director of Engineering Rodrigo Neves about his current role, professional development and big changes within GetYourGuide.

Can you give us a brief summary of what your job entails?

I ensure that my teams have everything they need to continuously deliver customer and business value. On a personal level, I help every single engineer define and pursue their personal and professional development ambitions. It is my responsibility as a Director of Engineering at GetYourGuide to ensure that these two tracks are aligned and support each other. I balance that with a significant investment in finding and hiring the best talent for our teams.

What does an average day in your role look like?

I am personally an early bird, so I like to be one of the first to arrive in the office and have 30 minutes to 1 hour of quiet time to focus on preparing my day.  I catch up with all emails, hiring funnels and prepare as many meetings as I can. At around 9:15 a.m. I have the first team stand-up meeting and from then on the day just flies by. Between interviews, personal development meetings, sprint plannings and alignment sessions my day is usually spent talking to a lot of different people. I don't get to do much hands-on coding these days, but sometimes I sneak in a small pull-request in those early mornings.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

There are several aspects that are extremely challenging and rewarding. From helping an engineer nail down the next steps of her personal development plan, to supporting the team with digging out a piece of data they need to make a critical prioritization decision. Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of my role is that every day is different and brings up new situations to deal with. Adaptability and resilience become really important in such a scenario.

Why did you choose to work with GetYourGuide?

When I joined GetYourGuide 4 years ago it was nowhere near what it is nowadays. We had a very small and ambitious team of brilliant people, a compelling project and an exciting opportunity ahead. I was drawn by the challenge and appeal of having a huge impact in the life of travelers around the world as it resonated deeply with me and aligned with my personal ambitions.

Why is GetYourGuide a tech company to watch out for?

The opportunity to lead innovation and help shape a whole industry at scale is not something easy to come by. GetYourGuide is global, well funded, growing incredibly fast and still with a long road to progress ahead. This combination of factors, together with a solid product, business model and customer reach create the perfect environment for individuals with a growth mindset to succeed and accelerate their development.

Since joining the company, how has your position changed?

I joined GetYourGuide back in February 2013 as a Full-stack Software Engineer. Back then we were just kicking-off the engineering team in Berlin and there was 4 of us here.  After about 2 years working in several different initiatives, I stepped up as an Engineering Team Lead with the focus to build up and develop new teams. As the organization scaled, the number of teams and engineers grew and we had to keep adapting our structure to support this growth. A couple more years went by and, since beginning of 2017, I changed to my current position of Director of Engineering where I focus mainly on the people, team growth and management aspect.

What are the biggest changes you have seen within GetYourGuide since starting?

Change is something we embrace and thrive upon at GetYourGuide. We believe in continuous improvement and we walk the talk by constantly learning and iterating on everything we do and how we do it. This is true for our product, processes, organization, teams, people development and technology.  When I look back at when I joined in 2013, it is hard to find something that hasn't changed. I would say that the challenge is not so much the size of changes but rather the fast pace at which they come by.

Thanks again to Rodrigo Neves for speaking to us about growth, professional challenges and big changes within GetYourGuide. If you are interested in joining Rodrigo and the engineering team, you can find all open positions here.

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