Recruiting 101: Meet Our Recruitment Coordinators

Recruiting 101: Meet Our Recruitment Coordinators

If you have applied for a job at GetYourGuide, or are considering applying for one of our open positions, you will more than likely have contact with one of our Recruitment Coordinators. Our Recruitment Coordinators are the primary contact for all candidates applying to GetYourGuide. In short, a recruitment coordinator schedules interviews, maintains the candidate database, answers candidate questions, supports the recruiters and hiring managers, provides interview feedback and improves hiring processes.

Our Recruitment Coordination team consists of:

Anna -Talent Acquisition Operations Team Lead

Magali - Recruitment Coordinator

Kinga - Recruitment Coordinator

We asked them to give us a breakdown of their role to help us better understand what they do.

What does a Recruitment Coordinator do?

Our work consists of a mix of routine tasks and the unexpected. Have you ever tried arranging a meeting between five busy interviewers and a candidate who only has a couple of hours availability around lunchtime? Or tried to reshuffle your whole team’s meeting schedules to secure the best room for an interview? Oh, and not to mention all the meeting rooms being fully booked! This is all part of our job and we really enjoy it . At the end of the day if everything is organized for tomorrow’s interviews, the main inbox is empty, all interviews started on time and no one got disconnected, we know it’s been a great day!

What is your favorite thing about being a Recruitment Coordinator at GetYourGuide?

Communicating with various people on a daily basis gives you interesting insights, inspiring stories, endless opportunities to learn and improve and, of course, hilarious moments! We also try to collect as much feedback as possible in order to continually better our communication with candidates and overall candidate happiness.

Below, the coordinators have shared some of their tops tips & tricks to help you have the smoothest recruiting process possible:

Be positive.

First impressions count! Your first impression starts with the initial email you send so be sure to read over it before you send. Look out for small details such as spelling the recipient’s name correctly, including a thank you note or sending it in a timely manner. Think of it as creating an email you would gladly receive yourself.

Keep calm and read on.

Recruiting processes can sometimes require complicated follow up actions. We suggest always reading the guidelines that can be found in our invitation emails. Be sure to send your availability on time, confirm interviews and answer any additional questions - all these small details make the communication easier and faster.

Fail to prepare? Prepare to fail.

Do your research and come prepared. Check the job description to understand exactly what the role is, what the requirements are and what your responsibilities would be. You can find out tons of helpful information regarding our interview structure and process on our blog.

You’ll never regret being kind!

When writing an email to our recruiting team remember the “Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?” approach. Try to not let emotions have a negative influence on you when responding to an email. If you receive some feedback you don’t agree with or understand, simply reach out and ask for clarification. We are always happy to send you some on some additional information. It is our ultimate goal to provide you with the best candidate experience possible.

Another thing we wanted to mention is, don’t be confused if you receive emails from various different people or email addresses in the company. We are a big team and growing all the time so our jobs can sometimes overlap. For example, if some of us are out of office on vacation, you could get an email from a hiring manager or a recruiter. That’s another great benefit of working with GetYourGuide, we are all happy to help each other out :)

Thanks again to our Recruitment Coordinators for clarifying their roles and giving some helpful tips for future candidates. Apply for one of our open roles and see for yourself what it’s like to liaise with our helpful coordinators!





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