Meet the team: Recruitment Coordinators

Meet the team: Recruitment Coordinators

If you have applied for a job at GetYourGuide, or are considering applying for one of our open positions, you will be in contact with one of our Recruitment Coordinators. Our Recruitment Coordinators are the primary contact for all candidates applying to GetYourGuide. In short, a recruitment coordinator schedules interviews, maintains the candidate database, answers candidate questions, supports the recruiters and hiring managers, provides interview feedback and improves hiring processes.

Our Recruitment Coordination team consists of:

Anna - Talent Acquisition Operations Team Lead

Magali - Recruitment Coordinator

Kinga - Recruitment Coordinator

Emily - Recruitment Coordinator

We asked them to give us a breakdown of their role to help us better understand what they do.

What does your role entail?

Magali: We make sure all communication between everyone at GetYourGuide and the candidates runs smoothly. We schedule interviews, send tests, and answer a lot of questions from recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. We also organize candidates’ trips to our office if they will be interviewing in person. Besides aiming to provide a great candidate experience, we also have more operational tasks such as posting jobs, tracking data and costs, and we all individually support different side projects.  

Anna: At the moment being the Talent Acquisition Operations Team Lead involves many different responsibilities. I manage the team of 3 Recruitment Coordinators and make sure they provide an excellent level of service while growing personally. I track results from the candidate experience survey and provide insights to ensure we consistently improve our processes and provide an outstanding candidate experience. I also work on other projects to help the Recruiting team stay organized and operate smoothly. Finally, I'm responsible for data analysis and reporting to help the team make data-driven decisions.

Anna in Madrid

Anna in Madrid

In addition to maintaining daily recruiting operations, what other projects do you work on?

Kinga: Aside from our main project - candidate experience - I'm also working on introducing a new video interviewing tool.  We replaced our phone interview with a video interview for some of our roles and I own the organization and roll-out of this change from a coordination perspective.  

Magali: We try to support our team in various ways, I am currently working on merchandise, assisting with the company newsletter and updating our company referral program. What I love about these projects is the chance to collaborate with different teams.

Emily: I’m involved in employer branding projects, including posting on our social media, and organizing recruitment campaigns.

Kinga in Venice

Kinga in Venice

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Recruitment Coordinator at GetYourGuide?

Magali: I love gaining insights by speaking with candidates from different disciplines and backgrounds. There is a lot of diversity in our tasks and even more so in all the people we communicate with. I have to say my absolute favorite moment is when our new hires start and we get to meet them. Because we’re involved in the process from the beginning, it feels like we already know the candidates when they join GYG. It's exciting to meet the new additions to the existing teams and to have new people to chat with at our Friday updates.

Emily: I second that! I enjoy connecting with people from all over the world and developing relationships with candidates as they move through the process. It is such a great feeling when someone is hired, knowing we helped them get there!  It’s also rewarding to work with and develop relationships with people from all sorts of teams within the company.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a Recruitment Coordinator at GetYourGuide?

Kinga: The most challenging thing is accommodating everyone's preferences. Each person, team, and recruiting process is a bit different, and we want to organize something that works for candidates and interviewers.

There are also some things that can’t be foreseen like sick leaves, urgent meetings, or travel, which require a quick response from our end. Although it might be difficult sometimes, the diversity of teams and candidates is great - I’ve gotten to know really interesting and cool people. The work is certainly never boring.

Magali: While dealing with the unexpected can be a challenge, for me the most challenging aspect is managing different stakeholders at the same time and setting clear expectations. There are often several steps to our recruiting process, and I understand it can raise questions for candidates. In those cases, it is our job to clarify the situation and to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what is expected of them.

Magali in London

Magali in London

What has been your biggest learning working in Recruitment Coordination?

Magali: I've learned mostly about different people, their way of communication and their preferences. It's really interesting how much you learn about the people you're interacting with and especially to learn how to adjust your own communication style when interacting with different people.

Emily: I agree with Magali, I’ve learned so much about communication in this role. Communicating with such a diverse range of people, and often on different time schedules doesn’t come without learning opportunities. As a coordinator, I manage multiple stakeholders at all times and have learned to adapt my communication style to produce the best outcome for everyone.

Kinga: The biggest learning for me is that everything is fixable.  Even if something doesn't go exactly as planned, there's usually another solution.

Emily in Florence

Emily in Florence

How would you describe your team dynamic?

Anna: Everyone on the team has their own roles and projects to work on: the level of ownership is quite high. Our team stays positive and organized even under pressure, which usually happens due to high workload and last minute requests. We also like to exchange jokes or work tips and talk about things going on outside of work. To keep an upbeat spirit, we regularly update our positivity board, we eat breakfast together every day, and we have a dress day every Friday.

Emily: Our team is super supportive, and we always have each other’s backs. It’s great working with such a dedicated, helpful, and quick-thinking group, who are also always up for a laugh!

Kinga: We're usually quite busy but whenever there’s a chance to talk or share some tips and help each other - we take it. I'm not alone, even if my colleagues have a lot on their plates; they'll always find time to help me out.

Magali: Like what Kinga and Emily mentioned, we always try to help one another. If we notice someone is extremely busy or a last-minute meeting came up, we're always trying to find a solution together. The great thing is that this attitude extends to the rest of the company: hiring managers, interviewers, basically everyone who is involved in the process. Everyone is involved in trying to create a seamless and pleasant process for the candidate.

What principles does your team live by?

Kinga: To always do our best in terms of scheduling, and to share feedback and ideas with each other on how we can change things to be even better. Any ideas are always welcome!

Anna: We're a very service-oriented team: it's a priority for us to keep both internal and external stakeholders happy. We also always help each other; this is our default working mode.

Magali: Echoing Kinga, our core principle is always trying to improve. Whether it's candidate experience, a process we follow, or the way we give feedback, we're always looking for ways to make it better.

Emily: Providing an incredible candidate experience is at the heart of everything we do. We are here to provide an enjoyable journey for candidates through their recruitment experience with GYG, as well as manage the processes to ensure efficiency.

What advice would you have for someone who wants to join the Recruiting Coordination team?

Kinga: To be prepared for sometimes difficult but always rewarding tasks - it feels great when we put another filled position to our positivity board and we know we participated in bringing another great person to GYG.

Anna: I'd say one of the most important qualities for coordinators are empathy and attention to details. These are some soft skills I'd work on to be successful in the team. I also encourage proactiveness in my team.

Magali: I’d also add to Anna’s point that it's good to have a flexible attitude. Even though we try to pay a lot of attention to detail and organize everything best we can from beginning to end, some days there will be very unexpected situations. For these moments it's important to think of solutions for everyone involved and to act fast.

Emily: #positivity! It’s essential to keep smiling since no matter how much planning we do, there will always be something that doesn’t go according to plan. And, as Magali mentioned, you will need to be able to think on your feet, and not be afraid to ask for help.

Thanks again to our Recruitment Coordinators for clarifying their roles and giving some helpful tips for future candidates. Apply to join our team.





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