Meet The Team - Rome.

Meet The Team - Rome.

With over 50 nationalities based in one of our 12 offices worldwide, GetYourGuide is certainly international! We caught up with our Italian Team who told us all about working from beautiful Rome. The Rome team currently consists of a Regional Director, 2 Account Managers and 7 Guest Relation Coordinators (and, they’re growing!).

Some of the Rome team enjoying the delicious local cuisine!

Some of the Rome team enjoying the delicious local cuisine!

Can you introduce your team and give us a brief summary of you work on?

All: The Rome team manage the top destinations in Italy; Rome, Florence and Venice. We work with local suppliers, institutions and tourism boards to bring the most exciting experiences to our customers. We manage Italy’s sales accounts and our local team of Guest Relation Coordinators present daily at meeting points close to our main attractions.

We work directly with big attractions all over the world and our Account Managers have the chance to see these wonderful attractions from the inside, understand the behind the scenes and work with them to improve the customer experience. For example, Why print a voucher when you can just enter at the turnstiles? Sometimes big attractions need to be reminded that customers want to travel hassle free! It’s all about the experience.

What does an average day in your team look like?

Francesca, Account Manager: Every day is different! One day you can find yourself taking a mystery tour on a gondola and talking with the supplier about it whereas the next day you are analyzing the data to see if your destination has the right products for the customer.

Viviana, Guest Relation Coordinator:  Every day is a source of surprises. We usually greet our guests on the ground and escort them inside the most beautiful attractions in Rome: the Vatican Museums, the Colosseum or Castel Sant’Angelo. We provide them with varied information, advice about their trip and, of course, jokes! We always take the time to ensure they live an unforgettable experience with our passion and commitment.

What are the principles that your team lives by?

Nicole, Senior Account Manager: Curiosity and determination to enhance customers’ experiences at some of the most popular and busiest attractions. We look at problems  (e.g. long lines) with an out of the box mindset (what added value should we provide for our customers?), we look for what customers look for and we make sure we find what they need. We work as a team and celebrate successes together as we know a small positive change can make a big difference to our customer’s experience.

Francesca, Account Manager: Passion and commitment. We love the product and are ready to take the extra mile to turn trips in amazing experiences.

What advice would you have for someone who would like to work with your team?

Nicole, Senior Account Manager: Think as if you are wearing customer’s shoes at all times. Explore the attractions and museums to test our experiences. Be ready for a high paced environment, grab opportunities, act fast and deliver results! Be data oriented and proactive on your objectives, don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. Leverage and share performance information with suppliers so that they can explore new market opportunities and improve their level of service answering to our customer’s needs and desires.

Francesca, Account Manager: Be curious, eager to learn and ready to keep up with a fast environment. Get ready to explore your destination and question attractions and local suppliers to improve the customer experience.

What is the best thing about working from our Rome office?

Luigi, Regional Director: Rome was the first local office for GetYourGuide. Since then we have opened 8 more offices. It is exciting to see the phenomenal growth, to look back at where we started compared to how it is now and all the amazing opportunities ahead!

Nicole, Senior Account Manager: Living and working in a top destination at GetYourGuide and in general a very busy tourism hub full of opportunities. Helping our suppliers to innovate their experiences and enhance the  customer's experience.

Francesca, Account Manager: Having a number attractions and super knowledgeable suppliers while at the same time having the support from the HQ in Berlin.  We also get the chance to be close to all Italian cities where we can test products just a train ride away.

There is always an amazing spot with a great view to enjoy at the end of the day or a fun weekend; just take a look around and history is everywhere! Not to mention the great food at every corner :)

What is your favourite thing about working with GetYourGuide?

Luigi, Regional Director:  I love the people and the product.  We are passionate about taking tours and trying new experiences. Many people in the travel industry deal with airplane seats, beds and cars. I feel the core of travel is much more than a comfortable pillow. The reason why we travel is to experience new places and that’s GetYourGuide.

Nicole, Senior Account Manager: We may be local (in Rome) but we are still strongly connected to the headquarters and other offices around the world. We share best practices, test new things and react quickly. We innovate a local destination with a global mindset. We collaborate with teams and colleagues from different areas of the world.

Amandine, Guest Relation Coordinator: Sharing my experience with people from all over the world. We are a young, dynamic and international team (I am French) but we all work with the same core values and share the same passion.

Francesca, Account Manager: We have the chance to shape the industry. Suppliers and attractions consider us a valuable partner and we get the chance to discuss how to improve the online experience.

Thanks again to our Italian counterparts for speaking to us about team growth and future plans!

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