Recruiting 101: Our Recruiting Process Step by Step - What to Expect.

Recruiting 101: Our Recruiting Process Step by Step - What to Expect.

Ok, so you’ve nailed your CV, perfected your Cover Letter and applied for one of our open positions. Now what?

Before we run through our complete recruiting process, we wanted to explain briefly why we follow such a structured hiring plan. Studies show that using a structured recruiting process reduces unconscious bias. Following this method allows our recruiters and hiring managers to make a fairer evaluation of an application which, for you as a candidate is reassuring as you are being assessed in a just and unbiased manner.

Here is what you can expect from our Recruiting Process from start to finish:

Application review:

  • Thanks for submitting your application! After applying for a job with GetYourGuide, our recruitment team and hiring managers will take a look at your CV and Cover Letter to get a glimpse into your experience and motivation to join our team. We always aim to get back to candidates with feedback within five working days.

Phone Screen:

If your profile shares some similarities to the competency profile for this role, we will reach out to you to schedule a phone screen. This will normally be conducted by someone from our recruitment team and will take about half an hour. It could be either or both of the types of screens listed below:

  • Phone Interview: Here, we will ask you some preliminary interview questions about your expectations, experience and reasons for applying to  GetYourGuide.  It will help us to understand your motivation and also tell you more about the role. Here, It always helps if a candidate can prepare and discuss some concrete examples to help illustrate any talking points.

  • Technical Phone Interview: Depending on the role, we may also need to conduct a Technical phone interview with you. This would delve more into the role-specific competencies, your aptitude for the role, and the role - specific skills you have.

Take home test:

Depending on the job you have applied for, you may be asked to complete a short Take Home Test. The test is designed by the hiring manager and includes some common tasks you could expect to perform within the role. While we get to see how you have answered the test, it also provides you with a practical insight into what the job actually involves. Depending on the role you have applied for, a take-home test could be writing an email draft, creating a presentation to be delivered in your face-to-face interview, or a coding task.


If you have been successful during the phone and take home test stages, we will then invite you in for a face-to-face interview. There are various types of face-to-face interviews which may take part over the course of a few days. You will more than likely have:

  • Hiring Manager Interview: The hiring manager interview is conducted face-to-face in our office or via BlueJeans (a video interview platform similar to Google Hangout or Skype). The interviewers will ask questions about different competencies, skills and how our team might suit you.

  • Technical Fit Interview: Similar to the technical phone screen, here we will assess your technical skills and ability to do the job. You may be asked to prepare a presentation related to your area of expertise. For some of our tech roles, the technical fit interview can also take the form of a pair programming session.  During this interview you will work alongside some of our engineers and solve a task.  This interview is not only for you to show off your technical skills, but also a chance for you to engage with our engineers and work with the team!

  • Culture Fit Interview: Culture is very important to us at GetYourGuide. The Culture Fit interview is where we will evaluate whether you are a fit for us and if we are a fit for you, while also giving you a feel for the incredible culture we have here. We will generally work off questions formed from our core values.

  • HR Interview: A member from our HR team will dig a little deeper into your motivation, seek to understand what you are expecting from your potential new role, as well as learning more about your expectations joining a fast-moving and fast-growing startup.

  • Executive Review: For the majority of our positions, CEO Johannes Reck or COO Tao Tao will conduct a final interview. This is an overall assessment and gives you a chance to meet one of our co-founders! They are very involved in the recruiting process and we think this reflects a lot about how much GetYourGuide values its people.


  • The final stage! Once all interviews have been completed and you’ve been successful, we will extend an offer to you. We will get in touch to finalise the offer, and once you accept the HR team will take over and help you settle into your new job.

There you have it! Everything you can expect from our recruiting process from start to finish. You can find tons of useful guides on our blog to help you with the process as much as possible.



Working Remotely - Account Manager, Latin America.

Working Remotely - Account Manager, Latin America.

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