Working Remotely - Account Manager, Latin America.

Working Remotely - Account Manager, Latin America.

Account Manager for Latin America Les-Ann spoke to us about working remotely; what it's like, why it's advantageous and shared her advice on how to stay motivated!

What is your role at GetYourGuide?

I’m the account manager for Latin America and the Caribbean based in Florida, USA.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m up by 5am to get to my 6am workout then by 8:30am I’m in my home office and logged on. I subscribe to newsletters and reports for my region, so I start my day off by reading the news and reviewing numbers. Then I check for slack messages, especially those from Berlin. I also scan through for Berlin emails. They’re 6 hours ahead so I want to make sure I get to those early. Next I get to my frogs (mantra #2 below) and make sure those are taken care of first. The rest of the morning I focus on following up on items from yesterday or overnight.

I like to schedule calls for the morning as well, that way there’s a greater chance that any follow up items will get done on the same day. The afternoon is usually set aside for working on projects and business goals/OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). I wrap up by planning the next day.

Of course no two days are alike, but that’s the general flow of a typical day.

What are the advantages of working remotely?

Being remote allows me to be in the same time zone as my suppliers. It’s a short flight for us to get together and I’m also in a location where top suppliers often travel to or through, so it’s easy to meet in person.

I’m very structured in the way that I work so being remote gives me the chance to have long stretches of focused time to work on projects, analyze challenges and research solutions.

Are there any disadvantages to working remotely?

In the beginning when everything and everyone is new to you, it can be challenging to get up to speed on things and understand exactly how GetYourGuide works. Be patient and don’t give up, it does get better with time!

What advice would you have for someone who is considering working remotely?

My 3 tips are:

Be brave - Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone was new at some point and things change all time so asking questions is key to learning and keeping up.

Be organized - Plan out your day in advance so you know what you want to accomplish and exactly what you need to do to get there.

Be yourself - It’s important to have a dedicated space to work. Working on the sofa might sound like a good idea at first, but will get old quickly when you realize that on Saturday you’re still sitting in your 'office'! At the same time, make your dedicated work space reflect your personality by decorating it, putting up photos or art, and listening to your favorite music to get you into a good work rhythm.

How do you stay motivated while working remotely?

Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish (both in the long and short term) is important, then writing down the steps to get there. I live and die by my calendar to help keep me on track. I also have 5 “get it done” mantras taped to my desk and laptop. They are:

  1. Never touch things twice - Emails once touched need to be actioned or deleted.

  2. Eat frogs first - That thing that you don’t particularly enjoy doing but that needs to be done, that’s exactly what you should do first.

  3. Fight the tyranny of the urgent - It’s easy to get caught up in things that appear to be urgent, but the danger there is that you’ll find that you are completely reactive and accomplish little of your proactive goals. Not everything that appears to be urgent truly is.

  4. Be clear, direct and know when to say yes/no - Throughout my career, I’ve found this to be a successful way to build strong long term relationships, both with my coworkers and with suppliers.

  5. Check emails on a schedule - Blocking time to check email means that you’ll have more time to be proactive in other areas.

How do you remain connected to the culture and core values of GetYourGuide while working remotely?

Having the opportunity to spend almost 3 weeks in Berlin for training right at the start helped a lot. During that time I had the chance to meet and get to know people from different teams and other remote offices. Everyone was very open and helpful and demonstrated our core values in practice. Since then I’ve been able to work on a project with a colleague in Berlin. I never miss a Global or Friday Update and I also join the Friday AM huddle whenever I can. At GetYourGuide we always do video calls, which helps us feel so much more connected than just a phone call.

Being remote you do miss out on the informal chats while grabbing coffee or having lunch, so over here in the US we started an informal slack channel to be able to do that virtually. We use it to celebrate our wins, ask questions, brainstorm challenges, or simply chat about mid-afternoon hunger pangs.

What is the best thing about working remotely with GetYourGuide?

The best thing is being very accessible to suppliers and being able to structure my time according to what’s most important for my goals, OKRs and my destinations.

Thanks again to Les-Ann for speaking to us about working remotely with GetYourGuide.

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