Women Who Code.

Women Who Code.

With over 400 employees from 50 nationalities, diversity is celebrated and encouraged here at GetYourGuide. To showcase some of the various projects our diverse employees are involved in, we spoke to our Data Engineer Ivana Bugarcic all about the Women Who Code movement.

What is Women Who Code?

Women Who Code is a global non-profit organization focusing on inspiring women to excel in technology careers. It was formed in 2011 to tackle not only the issue of women being underrepresented in tech but also leaving the tech industry at a high rate. The organization empowers members with the skills needed for professional advancement and provides an environment for mentorship and networking. The organization currently serves more than 80,000 members across 20 countries.

The Berlin network is celebrating its second anniversary this month. You can find more details about the Talk Night and Hack Evening events being organized in Berlin here.

How are you involved with Women Who Code?

I am one of the leaders in the Berlin network focusing mainly on organizing Hack Evenings.

The idea behind forming this type of event is to strengthen collaboration and knowledge sharing within our local network. Members are encouraged to present the projects, courses, or ideas they are working on. The rest of the time is allocated for coding and discussing challenges among members with similar interests. These events encourage networking and give the opportunity to learn from others while hearing about different ideas and technologies.

What does Women Who Code represent?  

Women Who Code empowers members through organizing technical and leadership events, providing scholarships, conference tickets and learning materials and building a global community where networking and mentorship are valued. It also provides leadership opportunities and is focused on building role models to support members in achieving their career goals.

What advice would you give to a woman looking to get into the Tech field?

Everyone entering the field definitely has a strong curiosity spark. I believe that nourishing that spark and letting it lead the way will result in continuous learning which is the foundation for improvement. Not everything will go smoothly all the time but identifying those blockers that prevent you from moving forward is very important. Connecting with people who inspire you, and joining local communities can also help a lot in tackling those issues.

What attracted you to GetYourGuide?

A very balanced combination of few motivators: interest in the travel domain itself, engineering challenges to be solved and the way GetYourGuide supports and empowers the personal development of its employees all attracted me to work with GetYourGuide.

Do the values of GetYourGuide align with those of Women Who Code? How so?

Yes. Both are very focused on learning through embracing positivity. I believe that inspiration plays a big role in building a healthy environment that promotes development and the fact that both Women Who Code and GetYourGuide support the same idea makes me want to roll up my sleeves and take part in it.

You can find further information about Women Who Code Berlin here.

Thanks again to Ivana for speaking with us all about the Women Who Code movement. Interested in joining our tech team? We're hiring.

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Career Development at GetYourGuide - Supply Operations Manager.

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