GetYourGuide's Core Values.

GetYourGuide's Core Values.

GetYourGuide's Core Values.

Creating and maintaining a great company culture is of prime importance to us here at GetYourGuide. Company culture defines the environment in which employees work and includes a variety of elements including values, missions, systems, ethics, symbols, language, habits, beliefs etc.

But why is company culture important?  Employees who fit well within their organization’s culture tend to have overall greater job satisfaction, identify more with their company and they are more likely to remain with their organization and perform better. Employees tend to enjoy work more when their needs and values are consistent with those in the workplace. And, company culture is important for employers too. A strong office culture can help employers improve productivity and employee retention all while maintaining workers’ happiness

Here at GetYourGuide, we work and live through our five core values which help shape our overall company culture.

Our Core Values and what they mean to us:


Clarity means that we let the results do the talking because, at the end of the day, the results are what’s most important. We do more and talk less, choose data over opinions and address causes, not symptoms. This allows us to eliminate our problems and guide our decision-making through research and factual evidence.

Straightforward, clear and open communication are other important features of Clarity. We don’t hold back and aim to be clear and transparent with every exchange. We offer genuine feedback, opportunities for open discussion, and we approach every situation with a positive, encouraging and constructive mindset.


We collaborate to succeed as a team. Our hard work, initiative, and grit drive us to transform great potential into great success every single day. We take individual responsibility for our actions and our consequences and we get things done today, so we can be ready to face tomorrow’s new challenges.


Learning is crucial to our culture and is a vital part of our everyday experience here. There are so many career development opportunities within the company and we are always encouraged to step outside our comfort zone and own our development. We love challenging and difficult situations because it’s at these times when we grow the most.

We take calculated risks in order to learn quickly, some of our greatest achievements come from accepting that failure is a necessary part of our journey. We learn (and succeed) from making mistakes so we believe in risking failure to achieve success.


We have an incredibly diverse team here of over 50 nationalities. We gain our strength as a company from being diverse. Diversity in culture, gender, opinions, skills, and perspectives is paramount to our mission of creating a product that turns trips into amazing experiences. We are so passionate about our product and our mission that we have a motto of ‘Think 10x’ which encourages big ideas and ensures our projects are developed with scalability in mind.

And of course, we are customer (and candidate) obsessed. We constantly strive to offer our customers exceptional experiences alongside delightful service and to give our candidates the best recruiting process possible.


Positive actions come from positive thoughts, which is why we choose to view the constructive side of every situation and focus on solutions rather than problems. Building an outstanding product can be hard work so we try to bring a light-hearted sense of humour to everyday situations.

Our emphasis on positivity helps us motivate each other, celebrate together and give regular appreciation.

Using these values and having them guide us in our interactions with customers, candidates, partners, and each other has helped create an incredible environment for all GetYourGuiders. And, as seen in the last post, the results speak for themselves!

Is culture an important factor for you when choosing your next job? Do you see yourself thriving in our encouraging, collaborative and fast-paced environment? Join us! We’re hiring!

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GetYourGuide Has one of the Best Company Cultures in Germany!

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