A behind-the-scenes look at the GetYourGuide Awards

A behind-the-scenes look at the GetYourGuide Awards

In October 2018, we released the First Annual GetYourGuide Awards to celebrate and congratulate suppliers and products that provide customers with truly incredible experiences. Suppliers from around the world were notified and awarded a plaque to display in their offices as well as a digital badge to display on their product page. These awards showcased some of the lesser-known, can’t miss activities featured in our inventory.  

To learn more about the GYG Awards and the methodology behind choosing the winners, we spoke with Fadi Nasser and Stephen Tofani, Supply Operations Executive and Supply Operations Specialist respectively, and Claire Davidson, Head of Brand and Creative Studio.


What are the GYG Awards?

Fadi: The GYG Awards are a project aimed at rewarding the top activities in our inventory. To grant the awards, we analyzed and ranked our global inventory of more than 31,000 products across 7,500 destinations.

What was the motivation behind the awards/how did the idea come about?

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Claire: We have given out awards before, but these were given at a supplier level. With this most recent iteration, we wanted to very publicly acknowledge these incredible experiences from around the world, to showcase our best experiences to our customers and recognize the experiences that set the benchmark in bringing our "Love where you're going" ethos to life. This was the first year of the revamped awards, and we hope they will get bigger and better in the years to come.

How were you involved in the GYG Awards?

Stephen: Members of the Supply Excellence team, were responsible for a broad range of tasks. The first task was to determine the metrics to rank our inventory. After a thorough analysis of all metrics (to be mentioned below), we then selected the winning activities. Furthermore, Supply Excellence assisted in selecting a partner to create the physical awards sent to the winners.  We also played an active role in informing suppliers about the project and their possible win. To accomplish all of these tasks, we coordinated with Sales, Brand, and PR.

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Claire: The Brand team was very excited to work with the PR, Sales, and Supply Excellence teams to create an award that highlighted the most incredible experiences we offer. Our role was to develop the look and feel of the awards. We designed the whole award world from the physical trophies the suppliers received to the digital badges and the website that announced the winners.

What did being a judge for the awards entail?

Fadi: Being a judge meant knowing what customers are looking for and finding a balance between reviews, the potential of an activity, and instinct. We wanted to shine a light on those lesser-known activities, so customers could partner the more typical tourist experiences with something equally incredible, but off-the-beaten-path. So, for the purpose of this award, it didn’t make sense to reward the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, or the Sagrada Familia for being incredible activities. We also tried to focus on exciting and family-friendly experiences where possible.

How did you find the winning experiences? What were the criteria?


Stephen: An analysis was conducted using an algorithm that weighed a range of happiness metrics including review volume, average review score, net promoter score, and review language quality (analyzed through natural language processing). Our aim was also to guarantee a balanced mix of regions. 

Why are the awards meaningful to suppliers and customers?

Stephen: For suppliers, the awards are a good way to promote their activities. We must not forget roughly 200 activities have been rewarded - out of 31.000! It’s truly a huge accomplishment. Winning an award comes with a badge suppliers can add to their homepage. They also have the possibility of displaying the award in their local offices.  The awards might be an incentive for some suppliers to improve their quality and for the winners to keep on going!

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Fadi: For customers, it’s all about bringing them the most incredible experiences. Customers who see an activity has been awarded can be sure of the supplier's reliability and the quality of the experience. Even better, the awards themselves might inspire customers to try one of the winning activities the next time they travel to that region.

Thank you to everyone who worked on bringing the awards to life. Interested in joining the Supply Operations team? Check out our open positions.

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