GetYourGuide wins Company of the Year award

GetYourGuide wins Company of the Year award

Today, Anne-Cécile Dousson-Lhéritier, from the Content Projects Team, gives us more insight on the Company of the Year award that the team received earlier this year.

Can you tell us what this award is about?

It was given by Think Global. They wanted to recognize a company which is actively embracing change, growth, and is demonstrating a real ability to think globally. It is very much focused on localization and internationalization efforts and therefore can be considered as a recognition specifically for the localization teams.

It was their first edition, so we didn't know what to expect. We applied last November, answering questions about what we do, the impact, and the success metrics.

We then got notified in January that we were shortlisted, together with some other very prestigious companies such as Netflix, Google, Net App, and Ikea. We were notified that we won on January 30. We were thrilled!

Why are you talking about this now? We are already way into 2018.

Indeed, we were awarded the distinction almost 6 months ago. After the announcement, as we could not go in person to receive the award, Think Global mailed us the award, and it went on an unexpected journey around the globe! We wanted to communicate about it with a picture of the team, so we waited. And it was a true travel experience: it was sent from Ireland and traveled all the way to California! We finally received it earlier this week. The engraved silver plate seems to have a spirit of its own, and that's part of the charm. We received tracking notifications, but I have to admit I would have loved to receive pictures of the award in front of our top attractions! 

How does it impact the team?

It is a great recognition and validation of the hard work we have done as a team and as a company so far, but on a day-to-day basis, it doesn't change how we operate or how we work. Localization works hand in hand with all departments, and we need each other to succeed. Our mission is to turn trips into amazing experiences and we focus our efforts on creating a great customer experience for all of our clients, in all the languages we support. We also aim to reach more customers, either with new languages and locales or with more localized content.

Anne-Cécile, your name also appears in another category of the Think Global awards. Can you tell me more?

I am passionate about localization and quite active in the industry; as an individual - with the support of GetYourGuide - and as the co-chapter manager of Women in Localization Germany.

I have been shortlisted for the Language Industry Person of the Year award. This award rewards the individual who demonstrates outstanding localization expertise and understanding. I was surprised and honored to be on the list, especially considering the big names with me on the shortlist.

Anything else you want to add?

Thank you GetYourGuide for the great work environment and to Think Global for the recognition!

 The Localization team is honored to receive Think Global's Company of the Year award. 

The Localization team is honored to receive Think Global's Company of the Year award. 

Thank you Anne-Cécile for sharing this! And congratulations to the Team!

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