Getting on board: Destination Managers in Paris reflect

Getting on board: Destination Managers in Paris reflect

When a Destination Manager joins our Sales team, they start with a 3-week onboarding plan.  For Marguerite and Céline, two new Destination Managers in Paris, this meant spending 3 weeks in Rome and Berlin, participating in trainings and our Welcome Days. In today's post, they talk about their onboarding experience, their first impression of the company, and what training tips they still use on a daily basis. 

Could you please introduce yourselves?

Céline and Marguerite outside the Louvre

Céline and Marguerite outside the Louvre

Marguerite - My name is Marguerite and I’m 25 years old. Not long after my graduation from business school, I joined GetYourGuide as a Destination Manager for France. I realized I wanted to work in the tourism industry early in my life.  So, over the years, I had a few experiences in this sector and discovered my particular interest in digital-related topics within the tourism industry. GetYourGuide was a natural fit, so I applied and started in my role in April.

Céline - I’m Céline, and I’m also working as a Destination Manager for France. Similar to Marguerite, I joined the company in April 2018. I’ve been working for the past 10 years in the travel industry, and my main concern has always been customer experience. That's why I was very happy to join such a customer/experience focused company like GetYourGuide.

You both joined GetYourGuide in April.  What were your first few days like?

Marguerite - They were very exciting! We both got a phone call from our manager 2 days before we started, asking if we would mind going to Rome for 2 weeks for our sales training and then to Berlin for Welcome Days at HQ.

Céline - The answer was obviously: YES! I couldn’t believe I was going to Rome & Berlin for my first days of work!

What was your experience going to Rome and Berlin for Sales training?

Céline - When we got to Rome, we were warmly welcomed by the Sales team. Everyone was concerned about our training but also wanted to ensure we enjoyed Rome.

I couldn’t believe I was going to Rome & Berlin for my first days of work!
— Céline

We also met with 2 other newbies: Pio, Destination Manager in Rome, and Ernst, Regional Manager in Vienna. It was great to share those first moments in the company with other people from the Sales team.

Marguerite - Then, for the third week of training, we went to Berlin. It was a wonderful experience. We got the chance to discover the other departments with which we would work closely. It was very informative and helpful to understand how all these departments work together. We also met a few people from the Sales team in HQ and learned from their experience. Our Berlin trip was a lot of fun, especially during the Welcome Days, which we spent with all the other newbies!

What was covered during Sales training?

Céline - The training covered many many topics! It was quite intense but really interesting.

We learned about the company, its history, the culture, and the core values. We reviewed the processes we would need to know as Destination Managers and all the tools we would be using. We also received a few tips about our position and how to negotiate with our suppliers.

Finally, we received insights from the different departments we'd be in touch with like finance, customer service, legal, and marketing.

What was the timeline for the Sales training?

Marguerite - We spent 2 weeks in Rome, testing products and having our sales training. Then we went to Berlin for a week, where we finished our sales training and had our Welcome days with new employees from the other teams.

The Paris Sales team on a tour of the city

The Paris Sales team on a tour of the city

How did the existing Destination Managers work to integrate you into the team?

Céline: From the beginning, we could really feel that everyone was involved in the onboarding process. It started in the cultural fit interview where we were already introduced to another Destination Manager.

During the onboarding training, and even now, the Destination Managers were really happy to train us, help us when we had questions, and share their experiences with us. Very quickly, we were integrated into the EMEA2 Sales team. We now have a weekly call to share challenges we are facing and give/get advice.

Favorite moment from your Sales training in Berlin?

Céline: The welcome days were really great! We got to meet about 35 newbies from the different teams around the world. Our first Friday Update was wonderful! 

Marguerite: The Friday Update was wonderful, but my favorite moment during the sales training was probably the first day. As we got to know GetYourGuide and the people working here better, I felt happy and could really imagine what it would be like sharing this experience with the amazing team and evolving in the company.

As we got to know GetYourGuide and the people working here better, I felt happy and could really imagine what it would be like sharing this experience with the amazing team and evolving in the company.
— Marguerite

ow do you apply what you learned in your Sales training in your day to day tasks?

Céline: I apply the general learnings by keeping in mind the core values of the company: positivity, commitment, clarity, learning, and passion. Keeping those in mind really helps on a daily basis. I also use the company data tools a lot. GYG is a data-driven company, so I use the reports on a daily basis to drive my actions.

Marguerite: What I liked about the training is the fact that, even if we got a lot of information, the training was very clear. This enabled me to figure out the stakes and objectives of the company very quickly. In my day to day tasks, I keep these in mind and apply them in order to work efficiently and consistently with the rest of the company.

What has been the biggest surprise about your roles in the 3 months you’ve been working here?

Céline: The biggest surprise was to see how helpful people really are. Some processes were difficult at the start, but I always found answers to my questions in the company’s wikis, in the training presentations, or by asking one of my coworkers.

Marguerite: I agree with Céline. GetYourGuide is a human company where people really care about and help one another.

Working in a local office, how do you maintain a connection with HQ?

Céline: We are in touch with HQ on a daily basis. We literally work hand in hand on several topics. Working on special projects with people in HQ ensures we keep contact with our colleagues there.

The team product testing in Paris

The team product testing in Paris

Marguerite: We’re also always happy to come to Berlin for special events; it’s great to see the people we’ve been talking to through our computers, in person. Our Regional Manager made it very clear that we can go to HQ whenever we need.

We also get visitors once in a while: people from other Sales offices or from HQ are always welcome to visit us in Paris!

How would you describe the team in Paris?

Marguerite: We really have a team-spirit in Paris. We are all happy to advise/help each other on our respective projects and objectives. We all really like working in an international environment, but we also share a passion for the country and are happy to contribute to the growth of France as a destination.

What is your favorite thing about working at GYG so far?

Marguerite: I love working in this international environment with our strong team-spirit and real hunger for challenges!

Céline: I like the challenge of growing the destination,  my colleagues, and that everybody is so involved in their mission!

Thank you Céline and Marguerite for walking us through your onboarding process. Interested in working with them in Paris? Don't miss our open positions

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