GetYourGuide All-Hands Meeting: summer 2018

GetYourGuide All-Hands Meeting: summer 2018

Every Summer, GetYourGuiders from near and far come together in Berlin for our All-Hands Meeting. In today's post, we spoke with one of the organizers, Viktoriya Vasileva, Learning and Development Specialist, and a member of our Creative Studio, Mihaly, Visual Content Editor, on the importance of the All-Hands meeting. 

What is the All-Hands meeting and what happened during this year’s All-Hands Summer 2018?

Kino International

Viktoriya: The All-Hands meeting is a chance for all GetYourGuide employees to come together, share successes from the year, and get excited for the projects being tackled in the coming months. Employees across our international offices traveled to Berlin to attend the GetYourGuide All-Hands Meeting Summer 2018 in the legendary Kino International.

The main highlight of the event was a panel discussion with some of our very loyal customers.

The customers were from the USA, Spain, and Sweden. During the panel, the group shared all of the incredible travel experiences they’ve had with GetYourGuide. They also gave valuable feedback and answered questions from our team. Following the panel, Johannes, our CEO, gave an inspiring speech about the future of the company. One highlight this year was the launch of GetYourGuide Originals — a curated list of GetYourGuide-branded experiences. We then closed out the All-Hands with a video for and from everyone at GetYourGuide.

What value does the All-Hands bring to the employees at GetYourGuide?

Jared Niede

Viktoriya: Our All-Hands meetings are one of our most powerful internal communication channels since all of our international employees are together under one roof. It’s a great opportunity to engage and align on our goals and vision as well as get direct contact with customers. The aim of the All-Hands is to ensure everyone leaves the venue excited about our journey and loving where we are going.

What is the timeline for creating the video shown during the Cinema Sessions?


Mihaly: The timeline for producing the video is usually pretty tight since the preparation comes on top of our usual daily tasks, but we’re always excited to start this project.  We’re usually working right up until the final days before the session to make sure everything is perfect. Like most creative projects, there’s always something to add, change, or improve. This year we set a new record - we accomplished everything from ideation to the final cut in only 10 days. The entire Creative Studio worked together, and we found great freelancers to make it happen.

How does the team decide on the content for the video? 


Mihaly: Each year we work together with the People team to find an important theme that will resonate during the upcoming year: culture at GetYourGuide (2016), the importance of being customer-obsessed (2017), or overcoming challenges together (2018). Then, we start working with the creative mission team on how to transfer these goals on to the cinema screen. We look for a message everyone can connect to and try to give a voice to as many different people at GetYourGuide as possible. Having a personal touch is also really important: the answers aren’t scripted. The video a great tool to align teams and promote buy-in by showing company role models presenting their authentic thoughts and feelings.

Thank you Viktoriya and Mihaly for giving an overview of the Summer 2018 All Hands Meeting. Interested in joining the next All Hands? Check out our open positions. 

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