Recruiting 101: our recruiting process for Engineers

Recruiting 101: our recruiting process for Engineers

Read on for a step-by-step guide to our recruiting process for Engineers and what you can expect in every stage.


Application Review

Once your application has been received, a Tech Recruiter will review your CV, cover letter, and any other application materials. During this review, the Recruiter will determine if your skills, experience, and motivation align with the role we have to offer. We aim to get back to candidates on their application within five working days.

Tech Recruiter Phone Screen

The next step of the recruiting process is the Tech Recruiter Phone Screen.  This is your opportunity to share your experience and motivation in greater detail while also asking any questions you have about the company, the role, or the recruiting process. During this interview, we want to know what you’ve done in the past as well as what you hope to do in the future. Prior to the interview, take time to research GetYourGuide, our product, and our values, and think about the experience you have that is most relevant to the job description as well as the key features you’re looking for in your next company.

Take-home Test

If successful in the phone screen, you will then be asked to complete a short take-home test. The type of test varies between roles, but the overarching goal of the test remains the same — to get a preview of your coding skills, see your developer knowledge in action, and observe your ability to solve problems at scale.

Technical Interview

After the take-home test comes the first of two technical interviews. This technical interview will be completed remotely, using a video conferencing tool called BlueJeans and a coding platform like codility or codeshare. The purpose of this interview, in addition to further evaluating your technical skills, is to get a feel for your communication skills. It’s also your first opportunity to connect with fellow engineers and hear about their experience.

Phone Screen with an Engineering Manager

Once you’ve passed the technical interview, the Coordination Team will schedule your second phone screen. During this interview, you will speak to one our Engineering Managers who will present you with an overview of the team’s challenges and give you more insight into your potential role. This interview ensures we have been able to comprehensively evaluate your skills working in cross-functional teams in an Agile product environment alongside your technical skills.


After the Phone Screen with an Engineering Manager, you will be invited to visit our offices in either Berlin or Zurich where you will get to see your potential work environment, get to know your potential new colleagues, and experience our product in your potential new city. During your time onsite, you will complete 3-4 additional interviews described below.   

Onsite Team Exercise

During this interview, you will closely collaborate with other engineers on a team exercise which might include solving the test task, completing a pair programming exercise, or designing architecture. This interview evaluates your technical skills in practice as well as your ability to work within a team.

Team Lunch

This is not an interview, but rather a relaxed time for you to decompress from the interviews you’ve had so far and chat with other engineers.

Culture Fit

The Culture Fit interview is where we see how your personal values align with our values as a company, while also giving you a feel for the incredible culture we have here. The questions are inspired by our core values.

CTO Interview

During this interview, you will sit down with our CTO, Udi Nir. During this interview you should be prepared to ask any last questions you have about the strategy for the Engineering department and how engineers enable our business to move faster. This is also a great time to discuss what you want to own in the GetYourGuide Engineering department.

Executive Interview

For some of our high-level positions, CEO Johannes Reck or COO Tao Tao will conduct a final interview. Depending on their schedules, this interview could be conducted remotely after your day onsite. This is an overall assessment and gives you a chance to meet one of our co-founders and ask detailed questions about GetYourGuide’s past, present, and future.

Reference Checks

Following the face-to-face interviews, we will reach out for two references: a former manager and a former colleague. The purpose of the reference check is to learn more about your experience and working style from people who have seen it in action. Once you’ve been invited for the face-to-face interviews, it’s a good idea to give your references a heads up that we could be reaching out soon.


If you are successful in these interviews, we will extend an offer to you. We will get in touch to finalize the offer, and, upon your acceptance, the HR team will take over and help you settle into your new role.

Interested in joining our Engineering team? Check out our open positions.

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