Position spotlight: IT Support Technician

Position spotlight: IT Support Technician

Today we sit down with Sean Rowswell, IT Support Technician, to hear about his role, his daily tasks, and the growth opportunities ahead.

Can you please give us a brief summary of what your job entails?

I work in the IT team at GetYourGuide, and my role involves supporting our colleagues with their computer equipment and managing the various IT systems at GetYourGuide. This includes our video conferencing system, phone system, office network infrastructure, office dashboards and the various different applications we use.

How has your role changed since joining GetYourGuide?

GetYourGuide — like any startup — has a very dynamic environment, so my role has changed a lot since I started. When I first joined, my primary task was creating accounts and preparing laptops for new employees. But, over the past 12 months, I’ve gained more ownership and been involved in numerous projects ranging from the automation of several internal processes to the introduction of new tech to GetYourGuide. One such project was the deployment of a new MDM solution to all GetYourGuide devices.

How would you describe your team’s working style and dynamic?

We are a service-oriented and solution-focused team. If someone is having a problem, we stop whatever we are doing to help them and provide the best solution possible, from password resets to more complicated fixes.

What does an average day as an IT Support Technician look like?

There is no average day as an IT Support Technician at GetYourGuide. On Monday you could provide support for an event that will be recorded or streamed live to multiple countries then on Tuesday you might spend the day scrolling through server logs to find the source of a problem. Wednesday you could be testing some new video conferencing hardware, and Thursday and Friday could be even more varied. That being said, helping people is at the core of our work, so every day you can expect to be providing support to colleagues in some capacity.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

The most challenging aspect of the role is the dynamic growth and the ever-changing environment. We always want to provide the best solution, but sometimes it is better to provide, “the best solution for right now.” Things can change so fast, it’s important not to spend too much time on something that might not be around in six months.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role?

Everyone at GetYourGuide is very friendly and appreciative — something that is sometimes hard to find in an IT support role. On top of that, the opportunity for growth and learning is only limited by how much effort you are willing to put in. If you’re a hard worker with a strong desire to grow, the path is there for you.  

What advice would you have for someone who would like to work as an IT Support Technician at GetYourGuide?

Learn as much as you can, and learn some more.

What is your favorite thing about working with GetYourGuide?

Apart from everything already mentioned — the people and the parties.

Thank you, Sean, for sharing your experience so far. If this sounds like an interesting opportunity for you, check out our open roles on the IT team.

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