Meet the team: Payment and Risk Management

Meet the team: Payment and Risk Management

In today's post, we sit down with Minh Tran, Yoana Boneva, Gianmichele Zappia, Emi Ivanova, and Stefano Ferretti, from the Payment and Risk Management team in the Finance Department to talk about their team’s impact at GetYourGuide.

What is an average day on the Payment and Risk Management team?

Emi, Payment and Risk Management Agent: Our team has a few routine workflows we go through everyday to keep things in order. One major task is reviewing what we consider potentially high-risk attempts to book on our site to ensure genuine customers are not impacted by our automated workflows. Another frequent task is managing the relationship with bank issuers through our dispute management system. We also support the 2nd level team in our Customer Service Department, thus assisting customers who could have experienced issues during the checkout process. Apart from all of these routine tasks, we also work on different projects to broaden, improve, and fine-tune our risk mitigating processes. All of this mixed with a serious dose of humor and mutual support is what makes an average day at work for us.

What are the principles your team lives by?

Gianmichele, Senior Risk Manager: Integrity and dedication. We have a huge responsibility not only to our core business, but also to our customers, their safety, and privacy.

Yoana, Payment and Risk Management Agent: Communicate, communicate, and communicate some more. Due to the nature of our job, it’s important to keep each other updated on the current status of our workflow, which is why communication is key. Furthermore, we value trust and respect — we are encouraged to have open dialogue and to problem-solve constructively; every opinion is heard and evaluated. In one way or another, all of these principles support GetYourGuide’s own core values.

Emi: Mutual support, maintaining a high level of responsibility, and self-discipline.

What is the overall impact your team is contributing to GetYourGuide and our business?

Gianmichele: The team is responsible for preserving the integrity and reputation of our brand, while at the same time mitigating the financial impact on our bottom line of unauthorized "card-non-present" traffic. We also ensure a smooth, seamless check-out experience for our customers.  

Emi: Our role is that of gatekeeper. Since we are such a large online platform offering tickets to most of the major attractions around the world, we are quite attractive to people who might not have the best intentions. Thus, our main contribution includes reducing the financial impact of unauthorized “card-not-present” transactions while also abiding by payment industry standards and regulations.

Why is now a good time to join the Payment and Risk Management team?  

Gianmichele: As the company grows, so does its public exposure and, consequently, the challenges our team faces on a daily basis. If solving puzzles, analyzing patterns, and chasing the "bad guys" is your thing, then you should definitely consider joining our team.

Stefano, Senior Payment and Risk Management Agent: Because we are an amazing team to work with. If you like to be challenged everyday with something different, then this is the perfect team for you.

Yoana: The nature of our work is extremely exciting, and I’m not just saying this because I’m part of the team. We are all different, but it’s those differences that bring us closer together and make us consider other perspectives. We learn a lot from each other. We’re focused on our goals, we work together towards them, and we know how to celebrate success. Last but not least, we support each other, on both a professional and personal level.

Emi: Given our company growth and new regulations in the Payment and Risk Management field, 2019 will certainly make for another interesting and challenging year. So, if you like investigative/analytical work, thinking outside the box, and being part of a highly supportive team, then we would be a great fit when the time comes to start a new position.

What advice would you have for someone who would like to join your team?

Stefano: Be open-minded and think outside the box.  

Yoana: Even though your teammates’ ideas or suggestions might seem crazy, always take a step back to look at the broader picture. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up and even come forward with new ideas yourself. Most importantly, be ready to adapt to a lot of changes — it might be scary in the beginning, but magic only happens once you leave your comfort zone.

Emi: Be aware of the consistent changes in our work. We need to be proactive and adapt quickly, which is pretty standard in a fast-paced growing company like ours.

Name something valuable about your team and the work you do that you didn't know before you joined?

Yoana: Every day is a new opportunity to learn something. Putting aside all of the work-related knowledge I’ve gained, I’ve also been able to improve upon my soft skills. The diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints we have on our team and in the Finance department as a whole foster a great environment for this.

Emi: I was very pleased to see how supportive my colleagues and my manager were, and still are. They are patient and prompt when answering any question. I was also quite impressed by how self-disciplined and diligent everyone is. This means a lot, especially in a small team like ours. These great qualities combined with a daily portion of humour make my experience on the team very full.

Thank you Minh, Yoana, Gianmichele, Emi, and Stefano for sharing this insight into your team. Interested in joining the Finance Department? Check out our open positions.

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