New Season, Summer Newbies!

New Season, Summer Newbies!

June already started and together with the warm season we have a bunch of newbies landing at GetYourGuide! Check out what they shared with us during the welcome days…

Sara Bagazzini, Guest Relation Coordinator, Rome

Three things that you would do if you win the lottery: If I win the lottery, first of all I would travel around the world, then I would buy some new apartments for me and my family, and last but not least, I would go shopping with my best girl friends!

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? The first thought I had this morning was that I could eat the gluten free croissant I bought yesterday at a special bakery here in Rome.

If you could be any fictional character, whom would you choose? I would choose to be Hermione Granger.

Mariavittoria Orsolato, Customer Service Agent

What item do you still have since your childhood? The item I’m carrying around since I was 6 is a book. The first book I ever read. It’s from Roald Dahl and it’s titled “Matilda”. A beautiful yet sad story about an outcast little girl who despises television and her tv-junkie family but truly loves to read and live in her tale-world.

Is there something you are a fan of? I’m a huge fan of history, whatever comes from the past fascinates me a lot. Then I’m definitely a fan of the color black.

Dog or Cat and why?  DOGS! They’re just the best. They are loyal, totally in love with you and often more human than humans.

Sandra Goncalves, Account Manager Spain, Barcelona

My worst job ever: Actually, I have never had one! I always try to get the best of it.

Which instrument are you able to play? Flute.

Who would you like to be stuck in the elevator with? Danny Zuko.

Selim Carrel, Customer Service Agent

What is your motto? Have no fear, have a beer!

What do you like to do in your free time? Plan what to do in my free time.

Who would you like to be stuck in the elevator with? Does Natalie Portman work at GetYourGuide?

Saria Habbab, Customer Service Agent

I am an expert in: I am an expert in Video Games, although I don’t play much but I always read about it.

My first job was: An attendant of a cafe that had two billiard tables. It was an amazing job :)

What do you like about living in Berlin? What I like about living in Berlin is how easy it is to access nature although it’s a busy city.

Matteo Galli, Software Engineer Back-End

Which item could you not be without? My smartphone - I triple check I have it with me before leaving. And if after a while I realize I didn’t take it with me I would just go back to my place.

What was your favourite trip and why? A short trip to Sri Lanka when I was living in Malaysia. Nice people, great food, adventurous experiences.

Which technical innovation is the most important for you? GPS in any smartphone, hands down. I use it a lot for navigating new city and I used it even more when I moved to Berlin.

Fabio Villanis, Guest Relation Team Lead

What is your motto? “Do or do not. There is no try” (Yoda from “Star Wars”).

My worst job ever: Telemarketing. People don’t like to be phone-called for anything at anytime. Be ready to get the worst comments ever :)

Who would you like to be stuck in the elevator with? With a pizza delivery boy/girl. At least I would eat proper food in the meantime.

Oliver Strobel, Engineering Team Lead Marketing Technology

What is your motto? “It’s about the journey not the destination.”

What do you like to do in your free time? If I’m not traveling then either it’s researching my next destination or cooking. I love cooking a variety of ethnic food from scratch.

Which instrument are you able to play? I used to play the trumpet but you may not like the result if I was forced to do that now.

Hayden Liu, Working Student Customer Service

My first job was: An extra in a TV show that I would never watch.

What do you like about living in Berlin? Nice theaters and museums.

Who wouldn’t you want to be stuck in the elevator with? Joffrey Baratheon, a big pink Elephant and Mr.Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

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